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What’s better than an at-home facial? You get all the benefits without breaking the bank. To start your at-home facial, it’s important to have an array of the right products and tools to get skin glowing. Below we’ll tell you how to incorporate skincare technology with your favorite Shinso products to emulate a real facial.

Clarisonic brush is an easy-to-use skincare invention that does wonders for your skin. It is used to cleanse your skin, removing dead skin cells, brightening your skin and more. There is a wide range of products, including different brush heads for different skin types and problems. A Clarisonic can be used daily with your favorite skincare products. Shinso Glow works especially well when applied with a Clarisonic brush. Glow works to exfoliate skin for a radiant appearance, and using the brush in addition with the product maximizes results.

After this, apply a light moisturizer or serum to soak in your skin overnight. Any other products you happen to use nightly- an eye cream, acne solution, etc.- should be applied after as well. Now light a scented candle, slip on your most comfy pajamas and sleep the night away. You’ll be surprised at how a refreshing facial at home can make you feel rejuvenated and healthy.