bookmark_borderSpring’s Best Beauty and Makeup Colors

Now that spring is here, it’s time to switch up the colors of your makeup. Instead of the dark cranberries of winter or the neons of summer, spring’s shades are somewhere in-between. Each season, Pantone releases a list of their hot colors for the seasons, and the Spring 2015 collection is just gorgeous. These shades can be used in your home, your fashion and even your makeup. Let’s take a look at some of the colors of spring and how to best wear them on your face.

Strawberry Ice– This pretty pink shade isn’t too girly or bright, which makes it perfect for just about every skin tone. The shade looks best in forms of a blush (try a cream blush for a higher impact or powder blush for build-able color) or lip stain. The shade gives a flattering glow to skin that is perfectly suited for spring.

Glacier Gray– Who says neutrals can’t be fun? Glacier gray is the perfect shade for a daytime smoky eye- it’s not too dark and can be worn with or without dark eyeliner depending on the event. With a hint of a light blue, the gray is much more flattering than other neutrals on the skin. To keep the shade from being too “disco”, skip the glitter.

Lavender Herb– Attention-loving ladies will turn to this pretty purple shade, which is perfect for spring. For a pop of color without going overboard, use the color to draw on a thin line of eyeliner. It really brings out brown or hazel eyes.

To make the beautiful colors of your makeup last all day, be sure to set it with Shinso Mist!

bookmark_borderHow to Combat Spring Allergies Affecting Your Skin

Spring is upon us, which means cute sundresses, weekends spent outdoors and, unfortunately, allergy season. Allergies often cause physical symptoms such as sneezing, runny eyes, headaches and more. Allergies can also affect your skin, specifically the sensitive skin on your face. This can be seen in puffy eyes, a sallow complexion, or red and itchy skin. Here are a few tips to help combat spring allergies that affect your skin.

Try an OTC medicine. After consulting with your doctor, head to the local drugstore for an antihistamine, such as Allegra, to help soothe your symptoms and prevent flare-ups. There are also various herbal remedies you could use in place of OTC medicine, so be sure to research that as well if it’s what you prefer.

Avoid products with fragrances. Strong fragrances in your beauty products– everything from makeup to your facial moisturizer– can further irritate your skin during allergy season. Look for products labeled “fragrance-free” or marked specifically for sensitive skin, since these are your best bet.

Avoid anything with parabens or propylene gycol. Much like strong fragrances, products that contain these preservatives can irritate skin.

Monitor pollen and mold counts. Keep track of the weather reports on the Internet or on television– local news stations often include this information during allergy seasons.

Stay super-clean. Especially during spring, make sure to take showers often. Washing your hair and changing your clothes after you’ve been working or playing outdoors eliminates any form of allergens.

bookmark_borderShinso Skincare on Etalk

Dr. Paul Cohen was recently interviewed by Etalk, the first daily Canadian entertainment news magazine, in the short video clip here. Dr. Cohen discussed how you can use Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist for a natural instant face lift with long-term effects. He also mentioned how Hollywood A-list celebrities use these Japanese natural products to prepare for their skin for big events, like Red Carpet premieres.

To get a “glow on the go”, Dr. Cohen says to apply Shinso Glow first to gently exfoliate the skin. Then apply Shinso Essence, a gel product that helps stimulate collagen. Lastly, apply Shinso Mist to give a fresh, Red-Carpet glow. Dr. Cohen explains that the combination of the three products gives the skin a nice, radiant appearance and helps physically lift up the skin, giving the illusion of a face lift without the procedure.

A few of the celebrities highlighted as using the product include Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Charlize Theron– all women who have aged beautifully and gracefully and always look amazing on the Red Carpet.

bookmark_borderMother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner– May 10th to be exact– so now is the perfect time to start scouring for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life. Show her your appreciation and love on this special day with the following gift ideas.

  • A trip to the spa for a facial or massage. Not all women schedule regular facials or massage appointments since they can be pricey, so splurging and treating her to one will be a nice surprise. Choose a service that is specifically for her, whether it’s a special facial for her sensitive skin or a massage for a specific area she has trouble with, like her feet.
  • Luxury skincare products. On the same note as above, not all Moms like to truly pamper themselves, so giving them some indulgent skincare products will seem like an extravagant gesture. Shinso Skincare products are created with various active ingredients to pamper and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Her favorite scent. Whether it’s in the form of a perfume or a candle, treat her to her favorite scent and let her senses go wild. If you’re not sure of her favorite scent, take into consideration the flowers or foods she enjoys– most scents typically have “notes” of certain items listed on their label or product description.
  • DIY Spa Kit– If she’s more of a homebody, why not create a spa experience at home for her? Include nice bath bubbles, soaps or salts for a relaxing experience. Pair this with a nice face mask and other relaxing skincare products so she can pamper herself.