bookmark_borderIs Dairy Good or Bad For Your Skin?

Getting great skin is dependent upon not only on what you put on your skin, but what you put in it as well. One food group that has often been said to impact one’s skin is dairy. So let’s take a look – is dairy good or bad for your skin?

Dairy products are pro-inflammatory, which means they can worsen acne issues and also accelerate aging (according to dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, M.D.). Focus on getting your calcium intake in other forms, such as dark leafy greens and tofu.

Growth hormones in milk can cause acne.  IGF-1, a hormone often found in milk, can cause acne breakouts in humans. IGF-1 is one of several factors that cause inflammation in humans and eventually lead to acne, according to Devin Mooers. If you’re having trouble with your complexion, try switching to non-dairy options like almond milk, hemp milk or soy milk as an alternative to dairy.

Registered dietitian Maria Bella agrees, citing the hormones in milk as the reason for certain skin issues.  “Most of the cows used in farming are actually pregnant cows. The hormones such as progesterone and insulin growth factors make their way into the milk,” Bella explains. “When we consume the milk, it leads to increased levels of inflammation, skin breakdown, aging and acne in many people.”

Dairy causes your skin to produce excess sebum (oil), which can lead to clogged pores (which often leads to breakouts or worsening of acne).