bookmark_borderSkincare Tips for Your 20’s

Skincare varies not only by your skin type, but also by your age. Women in their 20’s have vastly different skin concerns than those in their 50’s and vice versa. Young women in their 20’s have far less to be concerned about, yet still need to develop a good skincare regimen. Here are some tips for managing skin in your 20’s.

  • Since most women don’t start to show signs of aging until their 30’s or 40’s, anti-aging products aren’t your main concern. However, now is the perfect time to take preventative measures. Since your skin is still supple and has a good amount of collagen, wearing sunscreen is the most important factor. Find a SPF that works for you (there are many different formulas and brands to choose from) and apply it daily.
  • Moisturizing is a simple and effective way to keep your skin looking great in your 20’s. Your skin can absorb it easier, so apply a moisturizer daily to see the full benefits. Your skin 10 or 20 years from now will thank you.
  • Acne and breakouts are still common in your 20’s, so do your best to fight that off. Use a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week to prevent clogged pores that often cause acne. Since acne scars and skin discoloration are two negative consequences of acne in your 20’s, do what you can now to prevent these from showing up later in your life.