bookmark_borderWhy Are Natural Beauty Products Better?

When it comes to choosing your beauty products, do you worry most about the price? What about the look of the packaging? Or the reviews you read online? Chances are you look into all of these things when purchasing a new product, but an often overlooked characteristic is the ingredients of the product- particularly if the product is all natural.

Many brand-name products are created with chemicals, irritants, and dangerous compounds that can hurt your skin, clog your pores, pollute the environment and could potentially be tested on animals. 

When using natural beauty products, you can even feel and see the difference.  They are lighter and less greasy and have a natural non-perfumy scent. Generally, natural beauty products are better for sensitive or easily irritated skin, since they don’t include any fake chemicals that typically cause these negative reactions. Some women also have allergies to certain ingredients, so natural products work to fix that problem.

Natural beauty products contain ingredients that are actually good for your skin- such as anxiodiants and vitamins. Examples of the beneficial effects of these ingredients include brighter skin, an even complexion, moisturizing properties and reduction of wrinkles, to name a few.

Shinso products are made with all-natural ingredients, including Japanese herbs, honey, Vitamin C and more.

bookmark_border3 Reasons to Use Natural Beauty Products

When it comes to putting products on your face, you would think you should avoid harmful chemicals or oils, right? The problem is that most people don’t bother to check the list of ingredients in their daily skincare products or makeup collection. There are a wide variety of using products with natural ingredient, but a short list is described below.

  1. You’re helping the Earth. Nature has so much to offer, so by utilizing plants and extracts that naturally are found there is a great idea. Just like eating foods that are naturally grown from the Earth is healthy for your body, the same can be said for what you put on the outside of your body. Products that are made from chemicals have a negative impact on the environment. The manufacturing of these  products puts all those chemicals into the air and water.
  2. Natural products are less likely to irritate your skin. Scary  chemicals and artificial ingredients in your skincare products can cause irritation, redness, breakouts and more. You may also be allergic to these products or find that they worsen your existing skin.
  3. Your skin absorbs things- including your beauty products. Anything that you put on your skin, including lipstick and moisturizers, can be absorbed into the body and blood stream. If you wouldn’t put an ingredient in your body on purpose (such as eating it), then you shouldn’t be putting it on your face. Shinso Skincare products use natural ingredients that occur in nature, like deep sea water, honey, grapefruit peel and more.