bookmark_borderHow to Layer Skincare Products

Count the number of products included in your daily skincare routine. Chances are it’s more than one, so you will need to layer them on one on top of the other. Which product should be applied first? Should you wait for one to completely dry before adding another? Here are some tips for how to layer skincare products.

A general rule of thumb is to start by applying the lightest product first and then gradually layer on the heavier ones. For example, this would mean applying a light, daily moisturizer first and then following up with a thicker sunscreen next. Water-based products are best to be applied first and then should be followed up with oil-based products (such as a face oil).

If you use toner, that ideally should go on first. Toners work to remove all irritants on your skin, so it’s essentially this happens before caking on more layers of product and makeup. After a toner, any medicated products should be applied, such as acne spot treatment. These treatments usually have to work into the skin, so you will need to take time to let them dry on the skin.

Serums and moisturizers go on next. To avoid using too much product, only apply what is needed in small dots. Remember- you can always put more on later. SPF is the last step before your makeup (if you choose to wear any) since it’s so thick.