bookmark_borderHow to Hydrate your Skin in the Winter

Winter winds and cool temperatures can be harsh on your skin, making it dry and parched. It’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized always, but especially during this season. Here are a few easy ways to hydrate your skin in the winter.

In sounds simple enough, but make sure to drink enough water in the winter. Drinking water hydrates you from the inside out, and is crucial to keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. There are a few tricks to making sure you get your 8 recommended glasses a day. Start with an herbal tea in the morning if regular water is too plain or cold for you. Add all natural flavors to your water, like a squeeze of fresh lemon, to give make it tastier. Lastly, keep your water right next to where you are working or sleeping, so you’ll be reminded to drink up constantly throughout the day.

If the air is so dry that it’s affecting your skin, you may want to invest in a humidifier in your home- mainly your bedroom.

Slathering on moisturizer, serums and oils are great for winter skin. Layer the products so the moisturizer is on the bottom and a thicker serum is on top. This will trap in the moisture and make it penetrate into the skin quicker. Use products made especially for dry, damaged skin- they typically contain special ingredients that cannot be found in regular, daily skincare products.