bookmark_borderFoods for Your Face

I’m sure you’ve read before about what foods you should eat to improve your skin, but what about the foods you should put directly on your skin? Whether you’re applying them directly, mixing up your own DIY facial mask or purchasing a product that includes one of the ingredients, here are some examples of foods that you can put on your face to improve your skin.

  • Honey. Mixed with other ingredients such as milk, honey can work as a great moisturizing and smoothing facial mask. Honey is a natural humectant, which helps to minimize the look of fine lines and give you a youthful appearance.  Honeyi s also antibacterial and can help to control breakouts.
  • Avocados. Doing  a simple Google search for avocado face masks will yield thousands of results. Avocados contain tons of healthy fats that work to help your skin when they are consumed as well as applied directly to the skin. Their vitamins and nutrients work to rejuvenate tired skin and improve the elasticity.
  • Eggs. You can use all parts of the egg on your face- both the white and the yolk. The entire egg can moisturize the skin, while using just the white is known to tighten your pores and firm your skin. Apply the egg, let it dry for a bit, and then wipe away and see the benefits.
  • Yogurt.  Dairy products in general have benefits for certain skin issues. The lactic acid in yogurt freshens up your skin and can brighten dark spots and uneven tone. It’s also a moisturizer, which is an added bonus.
  • Olive oil. Oil on the skin can sound counter-productive, but it isn’t true. Olive oil is great for moisturizing your face and can be mixed with sugar or oatmeal to exfoliate dead skin away. When applying directly to the face, try to use extra-virgin olive oil, since it’s generally is less processed.