bookmark_borderThe “Less Is More” Skincare Philosophy

The phrase “less is more” can be applied to a variety of lifestyle situations, including your skincare routine. If piling on a ton of different products or having a cluttered bathroom sink overflowing with skincare bottles sounds like your daily routine, it may be time to simplify.

The “less is more” skincare philosophy focuses on using just a few products religiously. The problem with layering on too many products (especially if you’re not truly knowledgeable on what they do) is that the active ingredients in each can actually cancel each other out or cause reactions such as inflammation or breakouts. Yuck!

Instead of trying and using each and every product out there, figure out what type of skin you have. Typically it falls into the following categories: oily, dry or combination. From there, think of the specific skincare problems you face, which could be things like dryness, clogged pores, or redness. Then choose a few products that work for each skin type and problem.

Ideally you’ll only use 1-5 products at one time, including a combination of the following:

  • moisturizer
  • exfoliating product
  • serum
  • medical-specific creams (for roseacea or bad acne, for example)
  • cleanser
  • toner
  • spot treatments (for occasional breakouts)

Once you’ve identified your top concerns, try out a few products until you find the ones that really work. From there, create a morning and nighttime routine and stick to it. Watch as your skin improves and your bathroom cabinet becomes less cluttered with products.