What is a Serum?

What is a Serum?

With the large variety of skincare products on the market, it can become a bit confusing to keep track of which is which. One of these mystery products is a serum. So what exactly is a serum you ask? Here’s an easy-to-understand lowdown.

A serum can be defined as a thick, highly-concentrated moisturizer with active ingredients to help penetrate the skin quicker and faster than typical skincare products.

Serums are hyper-concentrated potions, which helps them to really penetrate the skin for immediate results. The fact that they are highly concentrated helps to set them apart from moisturizer. They also contain what typical moisturizers have plus many added nutrients. These nutrients and other wonder ingredients help to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, reaching areas that a regular moisturizer can’t.

There are a variety of types of serums on the market, including anti-aging serums, brightening serums, acne preventing serums, skin firming serums and more. Serums should be applied after your toner (if you use one) and before your daily moisturizer. This allows you to lock and increase the benefits of the serum.

When choosing the perfect serum for you, take into consideration the type of skin you have- oily, acne-prone, dry, etc. Be sure to read the ingredient list and look for products that contain natural ingredients, like Shinso Essence– which contains a unique combination of ingredients is a powerful blend of natural botanicals and Fullerene.