How to apply Shinso Essence

Apply 3-4 pumps of Shinso Essence using light, upward strokes over the entire face and neck area until absorbed. For optimal results, apply both morning and evening. May be reapplied throughout the day as necessary to tighten, revitalize and moisturize your skin. Shinso Essence is so effective, it can be applied to freshly cleansed skin OR over makeup.

Works for your whole body too – apply liberally all over for more youthful-looking skin from head to toe.

Note: If you have very sensitive skin, apply less liberally and less frequently until your skin rebalances itself to this all natural treatment. Some individuals may experience a slight warming effect after applying. In the rare event you experience discomfort, redness, or irritation of any kind, discontinue use.

On the go and need a quick pick-me-up for your skin? Try SHINSO MIST – a refreshing sprits containing the most essential ingredients of Shinso Essence, packaged in a convenient-sized, spray bottle that slips easily into your purse or pocket. SHINSO MIST is available at select fine retailers, or order online today.